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10 Years Industry Experience - Specialists in multi discipline surveying

Tower Surveys CCTV Ltd

CCTV Drainage Surveying

Utility Surveying

WinCan Reporting to WRc Standard

Land Surveying

CAD Services

Measured Building Surveying

'Perfection in Inspection'

Our Company

Precise, efficient, and honest, Tower Surveys CCTV Ltd are a reputable and well-known multi discipline survey provider. Our survey teams are highly expericened across all aspects of surveying, maintaining high health and safety standards, certified to industry standard, managing a range of projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project and beyond.

Our Services

CCTV Drainage Surveying

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Our unique approach to all elements of drainage survey is assisted by the use of the industry leading push rod and crawler CCTV inspection cameras. Producing high definition CCTV video with high intensity LED lighting, accurate distance metering making drainage design and maintenance a more efficient process for our clients.

Utility Surveys

gpr image.jpg

Our underground utility mapping service allows verification and precise location of electric, water, gas, telecommunications, fibre optics and buried structures, to PAS128 standard, giving our clients peace of mind when breaking ground. We also provide underground utility desktop searches covering specific site areas of interest across a range of projects.

Wincan Reporting 

TS-001 Lords Cricket Ground CCTV Report_

We use the latest WinCan reporting technology to enable accurate, high quality CCTV condition surveys giving our clients comprehensive knowledge of their drainage assets. All surveys carried out to the lastest edition of coding classifaction Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition.

Topographical Surveys

Civil Engineer Surveying

Identifying features and mapping the contours of the land is useful on almost any construction project making topographical  surveys invaluable for any sized project. With our capacity to produce and manipulate 3D data we can provide a wide variety of survey output to meet our clients specifications.

Measured Building Surveys


We offer a range of services covering construction or architectural needs including floorplans, elevations and sections. We have a wide variety of data collection techniques. Our 3D Laser Scanning capabilities enable us to provide state of the art 3D Revit Modelling services.

CAD Services

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We can convert all types of topographic and utility data to a comprehensive CAD file.  Each collection of data is clearly presented, layer by layer within the appropriate drawing model. Drafting all levels of 2D and 3D output we are equipped to approach any project regardless of  size and complexity of each individual site.


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 Tower Surveys CCTV Ltd

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